Month of May

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Month of May

Postby Kley » Tue May 01, 2018 5:33 pm

Hey SMBX community, it's May! Mother's day is right around the corner, so make sure you do something special for her ;)

We have a few interesting announcments this month, so here it goes.


Changes to the website

If it wasn't apparent before, Quill left me in charge of making these monthly threads for now but this may change at some point. It's also worth mentioning that here in a few weeks, not only will we be changing our hosting services from midnight reality to something more managable, but I will be taking the webmaster position in place of Joey. Don't be alarmed. This does not mean there's going to be any big changes (soon™). Joey is still around, but I will be the one dealing with site maintenance from now on.

Social Media Team now hiring
If you're intertested in contributing to the community out by creating posts for our Facebook and Twitter page, Check out this topic!

SMBX All-Star Level Contest Results (sort of)
Finally, you guys have been waiting patiently for the results of this contest! Pixelpest is slowly revealing placements starting here so keep checking out the topic for frequent updates!


with that being said, let's move on to our featured picks of the month:

Featured Episode
Yoshi's Archipelago

Yoshi’s Archipelago is a community collab game made in SMBX It was created under strict pretenses in an effort to make it one of the most solid Mario episodes imaginable. Whether it succeeded or not, well, that's up to you now, isn't it?

Featured Graphics Pack
Vito's Custom Mario Bros, Yoshis and NPCs 3.1

Custom Mario Bros gives Mario and Luigi (and a few NPCs) a complete makeover, turning your classic-styled playable characters into something new!


And that's all for the month of May. See you next month. ;)


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