The problems of the one level thread rule at the levels forum

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The problems of the one level thread rule at the levels forum

Postby Husklyman » Thu Jul 25, 2019 9:58 am

I don't think the law of all levels at one thread helps searching levels, when I go to the levels forum to look for a level, I don't see there are new levels, I need to find a thread of someone and if that was enough because as I post there a level instead of showing the level in my topic, you need to look for it in the comments of the thread, which makes finding a level very complicated, see my level thread down in my signature, the only level you find is my troll level that failed and you must go down the comments to find my second level Vine Dungeon, and you need to guess I made a level called Vine Dungeon 2.

If I need to make a level thread I don't have a problem but why can't I also post that level separately, too???? And if you think it's possible, try yourself, this will instantly become a comment of your level thread which makes it hard to find just your levels...
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Re: The problems of the one level thread rule at the levels forum

Postby Cedur » Thu Jul 25, 2019 11:27 am

Quite the opposite is true. If there are individual level threads, old levels will be forgotten with time and stay unanswered forever. If you have a collection and add a new level to it, the old ones will be seen again. You're supposed to put all your levels in the first post. Like you did in your second new thread, which you had no reason to make.

People make new posts to announce that new levels have been added so the collection threads are still bumped to the top. You can also search threads by author.

You now say "I don't have a problem", so if the only problem was just that you didn't understand the rule correctly at first, then please move on.
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