How creative are you guys when making SMBX projects? ^.^')

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Re: How creative are you guys when making SMBX projects? ^.^')

Postby Scroll » Tue Mar 26, 2019 10:54 pm

Well, it sometimes happens, we don't see our own work as creative but others think the opposite

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Re: How creative are you guys when making SMBX projects? ^.^')

Postby DrMekar » Thu Mar 28, 2019 12:39 pm

FireyPaperMario wrote:
Thu Oct 09, 2014 2:41 pm
Hey guys, NintendoOtaku93 here again. This time, I'm going to ask you guys a question. I know, I may have the question as the title of this topic, but how creative are you guys when making your own SMBX projects? Reply your answer to this question if you guys want me to know how creative you are. Who knows, I might be amazed on how more creative you guys are than me! ^.^') How am I creative on my SMBX projects? By custom video game music added to some of the rooms in my current project, "Great Maze". Well, I'll stop posting topics for a while, (due to you guys getting annoyed by me & my posts.) and spend more time on my "Great Maze" project. Catch ya when I got a chance.

Well, I've my own Character universe and multiple planned out Story Lines. Here's a little info text about my Main Story Line and Future Projects.
This do is one only one of 4 Story/Plot Lines, but the most important starting with MNA (Mario's New Adventure one of my very First Game which will also get a Remake of course.

Path of Silence plays at the same time as MNA, but
focuses on later to be Villain Ninja Girl, what made her
became Evil and drifted her in the Dark Lords Arms, also
it provides Background Info about MNA site plots and also shows a part of 'The Carnages' backstory.

Wario's Escape plays aswell as Way of Justice after the
Events of MNA. It shows like stated above, how Wario
revived himself which he managed to do due the Special
surcamstances of his Death. Way of Justice shows Waluigi's Villain retirement and how he turned into a Hero fighting alongside Mario and Co. in MH2.

After this MH1 (Mario Heroes: The First Chapter) comes next into the Story line which introduces the Ring and (Remake only) Guardians of Xeny who're suppose to protect the Ring and where sent by 'The Creator' who created the Ring. It also also introduces some New Characters like Shy-Guy Bros who'll play a important part in the canon later, aswell as Mysterious Woman Xenon and (Remake only) Royal Adviser Rod. Following the Events of MH1's Ending 3 Months later MH2"s Story sets on with Wart who found the Seal after in rised upon the sky. Beetween MH1 and MH2 there's only a 3 Month timeskip, the shortest yet, but still there're are possible other Mini Episodes beetween like a Game about Fey's orgin (Wario's Right Hand Woman) and maybe a few Other Characters aswell.

The Story of MH2 is of course still in development, but alot is already done, so stay tuned for further Updates.
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