The Birthday Thread

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Re: The Birthday Thread

Postby Shadow Yoshi » Wed Oct 15, 2014 10:24 pm

Hey guys. So, first of all, I must not have checked this thread when it was my birthday. Thanks for all the awesome birthday wishes!

But as for what I'm actually here for, I'm going to close this thread. I feel like most of the posts in the thread are useless or really generic - while it's great to wish people a happy birthday, it can be done through PM. It seems like that would be more meaningful as well. I also wouldn't be opposed to a Sandbox thread if it's your friend's birthday or something (so you can actually talk about it), but PM is probably the best option with our traffic/birthday levels.

Members' birthdays are listed on the board index, so feel free to use that.


would eat this cake tho

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