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Graphic Request Form (Required)

Postby Squishy Rex » Mon Apr 13, 2015 8:48 pm

A Request Form is valid for only one graphic at a time, this is to ensure the designer who takes on your request is not weighed down by 50 different things to fulfill. Please note that recolours of tileset/NPCs or other objects are not to be requested here. Please download Paint.NET and recolour it yourself. This is an extremely simple process to do and ensures that designers are able to work on proper requests. If you absolutely need someone to recolour something for you please send them a PM in regards to it.

Here is an example Form:

Name: Slime Goomba
Spritesheet: Link to sheet
Style: SMB3
Replacement NPCs/Blocks etc: npc-242, npc-243 + respective effects
Other Information: Please use the sprites in the top row of sheet. It must move twice as quickly as a regular Goomba, however it cannot be stompable or eaten by Yoshi. File must be uploaded to Mediafire because my computer is allergic to Sendspace. etc

This applies to new graphics, however, if being that it is a graphic from an older episode or simply is the episode itself, the request form probably is not required under those circumstances, however please be specific in telling us what you want from said episode. If it is seen in a video clip, please post the video link. The more help you give designers the quicker your request will be fulfilled.

Finally, from this point onwards (14/4/2015), if a Graphic Request does NOT have a Request Form attached, your topic will be locked until one is provided.
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