M20: The Ladder of Success (Post-game PSum)

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M20: The Ladder of Success (Post-game PSum)

Postby FallingSnow » Sat May 02, 2015 1:38 pm

The Ladder of Success
16 Players
Mafia Killing and Lynching Optional
Role Upgrade Gimmick - Cardflips the standard colors, not the darker variants. (Those are just for reading)
Spoiler: show
The Mafia
Consort - May distract a player each night and prevent his/her role from working.
- - - - - Upgrades upon successfully blocking two blue players abilities.
- - - - - Assassin - May alternatively kill one player independent of the mafia's kill each night.
Janitor - May clean a player each night and remove that player's color for one night.
- - - - - Upgrades after 3 successful cleanings.
- - - - - Painter - May alternatively paint a player any color for one night.
Spy - May watch a player to see who the target player visits or who visits the targeted player that night (if anyone).
- - - - - Upgrades after 3 successful spy attempts.
- - - - - Agent - May alternatively inspect a player to learn of his/her color.

The Town
Sheriff - May inspect a player each night to learn his/her color.
- - - - - Upgrades after 4 successful inspections.
- - - - - Captain - Inspections learn of a player's role.
Lookout - May watch a player to see who the target player visits or who visits the targeted player that night (if anyone).
- - - - - Upgrades after 4 successful watches.
- - - - - Nightrider - Is also immune to nightkills.
Vigilante - May kill a player every other night. Upon killing a blue/green, he loses his ability permanently.
- - - - - Upgrades after making 2 successful kills.
- - - - - Veteran - If nightkilled, he will bring his attacker down with him.
Bodyguard - May protect a player from abilities or death each night. If the target player is to be killed, the Bodyguard dies instead.
- - - - - Upgrades after protecting 4 times.
- - - - - Covert Op - If nightkilled, he will bring his attacker down with him.
Townie (x7) - May vote in lynches each day.
- - - - - Upgrades after voting in 3 lynches while also having started a lynch against a non-Townie and successfully lynching that target player.
- - - - - Doublevoter - Vote counts as 2 when votes are tallied. Always wins ties.
Miller - Cardflips red.
- - - - - Upgrades after voting to lynch 2 non-Townies.
- - - - - Innocent Miller - Cardflips green.

Saboteur - May place a mine on a player during night. In two nights, that mine will detonate, and any player that visits him/her will also be killed. The mine target may be changed, but the timer will be reset. The Saboteur is also immune to detonations.
Ex: Place bomb on night 1. Bomb detonates after night 2 (start of day 2).
- - - - - Upgrades after killing 5 players with detonations.
- - - - - Specialist - May place two mines at once, each with separate cool downs.
1. 8bitmushroom
2. Blimpfruit
3. Bloodedge
4. Choco
5. glitch4
6. HenryRichard
7. Hyperme
8. Mivixion
9. Nickname
10. PaperPlayerX
11. Pseudo-dino
12. RoundPiplup
13. RudeGuy07
14. TNTtimelord
15. Waddle Derp
16. Zeldamaster12

Activity Log
Spoiler: show
Night 1 has begun!
PaperPlayerX roleblocks glitch4.
Pseudo-dino spies on HenryRichard.
8bitmushroom watches Hyperme.
Choco guards 8bitmushroom.
Waddle Derp mines Choco.
The Mafia targets 8bitmushroom.
An attempt was made to kill 8bitmushroom, but he was protected by Choco!
Choco has been killed!
Day 1 begins.
Nickname has been lynched with 4 votes!

Night 2 begins.

PaperPlayerX roleblocks TNTtimelord.
Zeldamaster12 cleans Bloodedge.
Pseudo-dino spies on 8bitmushroom.
glitch4 inspects 8bitmushroom.
8bitmushroom watches Zeldamaster12.
Waddle Derp mines Pseudo-dino.
Night 2 has ended with no casualties.
Day 2 begins.
Zeldamaster has been lynched with 5 votes!

Night 3 begins.
PaperPlayerX roleblocks Bloodedge.
Pseudo-dino spies on glitch4.
glitch4 inspects Pseudo-dino.
8bitmushroom watches glitch4.
Bloodedge attacks Pseudo-dino.
Waddle Derp mines PaperPlayerX.
The Mafia targets Bloodedge.
Bloodedge has been found dead!
Day 3 begins.
It's an instant lynch for Pseudo-dino with 8 votes!

Night 4 begins!

PaperPlayerX roleblocks glitch4.
glitch4 inspects PaperPlayerX.
8bitmushroom watches Rudeguy07.
8bitmushroom has been killed!
PaperPlayerX has exploded!
glitch4 has exploded!
Day 4 begins.
Day 4 ends with no lynching.

Night 5 begins.

Day 5 begins.
HenryRichard has been lynched with 2 votes.

Night 6 begins.
Day 6 begins.

Hyperme has been lynched with 5 votes!

Night 7 begins.
Day 7 begins.

Mivixion has been lynched with 2 votes!

Night 8 begins.

Waddle Derp mines Blimpfruit.
Day 8 begins.
It's an instant lynch for Blimpfruit with 3 votes!

Night 9 begins.
Day 9 begins.

Day 9 ends with no lynches.

Night 10 begins.
Day 10 begins.

Waddle Derp has been lynched for a Town Victory with a single vote.
Brief Player Summaries/Protips!
Spoiler: show
PaperPlayerX - Avoided player suspicions for some time and may have gotten more work done if not for the pesky saboteur with his mines!
Zeldamaster12 - Probably could've used more coordination with the rest of the mafia to get some work done. People caught onto you fairly early, but the evidence against you was too strong for you to sway. Claiming townie as a last shot likely sealed your fate.
Pseudo-dino - Staying neutral all of the time is dangerous, as is going against the bandwagon! This put you high on the suspicion radar and only domino-ed to your death on day 3.
glitch4 - Missed a crucial inspection during night 1 that likely would've helped out a lot! You seemed on top of the rest of the game and helped unite the alliance despite suspicion. Unfortunately, you were killed in the saboteur's bombing.
8bitmushroom - Saw through most of the mafia's attempts at hiding themselves. Nice work! Working with the town alliance, you were likely one of the most active town members thanks to the bodyguard saving you on night 1. Lucky for you, the mafia didn't kill a player on night 2, or this may have gone much differently.
Bloodedge - Said some interesting things and put yourself in a bad position. If not for the bigger suspicions out there, you would've died much earlier. Try not to sound so suspicious in your posts with all of the strange questions! You could have taken a shot with your ability as well, since there were so many suspicious targets!
Choco - Unfortunately killed on night 1 after protecting! Not much he could do about that as it was mostly bad luck that led to his death. On the bright side, you saved the lookout of all people, helping to start the town alliance!
Nickname/Spinda - Let your emotions get the best of you! The townies weren't too pleased, and this unfortunately led to your lynching, even if you were right.
RoundPiplup - Made some questionable statements in the lynching discussion which put him in a bad position.
Hyperme - Lynched mostly randomly due to not responding to TNT. Inactivity was really the root of your death I'm sorry to say.
RudeGuy07 - Did a good job supporting the suspicions on the mafia and helped out in a crucial lynch as well as risking yourself for that final kill on the saboteur! Credit to team!
TNTtimelord - Totally called the entire mafia on day 2! Nice job reading into people and discovering the truth. When it mattered, you were quite the active player!
HenryRichard - Completely inactive! If had more players to go around, I would've removed you from the game. Don't sign up if you don't plan to participate!
Mivixion - Argued with the leader of the remaining townies! If he wasn't town, you would've been right. People didn't believe you, though. You made a bet and were lynched because of it. Good thing this game isn't real life!
Blimpfruit - Inactivity mostly the reason for your death as well! The town was getting desperate near the end and was running out of lynch targets. Not much could've been done about this without some significant arguments against other players.
Waddle Derp - I was really thinking you could pull through on this one! If you had read the roll more carefully and stayed on top of placing mines, you easily could've killed a few more players in the game and possibly even won at the end of it.

Overall, inactivity was, again, a major problem this game. This is something we really need to work on, and Pseudo and I would love to hear some suggestions on this in the mafia discussion topic!

MVPs: 8bitmushroom, TNTtimelord

*Game's all in one thread this time to see how that turns out. I didn't think we'd need another topic, and this makes it easier for me.

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby RudeGuy » Sat May 02, 2015 1:46 pm

Hi I'm in
im bored

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Paper » Sat May 02, 2015 1:54 pm

Spoiler: show
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Danny » Sat May 02, 2015 2:00 pm

I guess I'll be in, this might be my last Mafia game, I don't know.
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby underFlo » Sat May 02, 2015 2:11 pm

im a girl yo

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Nanaya Jacob » Sat May 02, 2015 2:27 pm

Please sign me up...
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Zeldamaster12 » Sat May 02, 2015 2:39 pm


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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby HenryRichard » Sat May 02, 2015 2:58 pm

Jesus is my savior.

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Choco » Sat May 02, 2015 3:15 pm

I'm that guy that you may or may not know who basically died a few months back and decided to exist again.
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Julia Pseudo » Sat May 02, 2015 3:30 pm

Sign me up!
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Waddle » Sat May 02, 2015 3:44 pm


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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Mivixion » Sun May 03, 2015 12:53 am

Me too

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby RoundPiplup » Sun May 03, 2015 8:19 pm

The Past still haunts me.
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby BlimpFruit » Sun May 03, 2015 11:44 pm

Not a dash pepper.
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby glitch4 » Mon May 04, 2015 9:16 am

Me in

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby TLtimelord » Tue May 05, 2015 8:18 am

I'll give it a shot.
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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby FallingSnow » Tue May 05, 2015 9:56 pm

Just need 1 more! If anyone has a friend, feel free to invite them to come play with us!

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby Hyperme » Wed May 06, 2015 10:42 am

will play I guess

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success Sign-ups

Postby FallingSnow » Wed May 06, 2015 9:27 pm

Alright, that's everyone. I'll try to get role PMs out either today or tomorrow.

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Re: M20: The Ladder of Success (Night 1)

Postby FallingSnow » Thu May 07, 2015 12:45 am

Night 1 has begun! If you did not receive your role PM. Let me know as soon as possible.
Day 1 begins in approximately 24 hours from this post.

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