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Please read: General comments and guidelines

Postby Shadow Yoshi » Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:07 pm

Hi. In the seemingly never-ending process of reforming the general attitude of this community, I've composed a list of things that you (a member of this community) need to do to make it better:

1. Don't tell the staff to ban users. This is something I've been seeing lately. Reporting incidents is always good and encouraged, but saying things like "hey staff, can you ban this user" is doing nothing but making things worse. The staff will choose whether or not to punish users for their actions. We don't need your recommendations.

2. Don't tell the staff to unban users. The staff issues bans on users because it's the best thing to do. We will lift bans as we see fit and, again, don't need your help with it. This also means you generally shouldn't bother acting as a mouthpiece for any friends who are banned in order to appeal their bans.

3. If someone insults you, it's best to not insult them back. You'll both have broken rules at that point and you both may be subject to punishment. Just report it to a staff member and we'll take care of it.

4. Be nice to other people! It's not that hard.

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