New Level Sorting Method

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New Level Sorting Method

Postby Shadow Yoshi » Fri Mar 04, 2016 1:00 pm

We now have a single system for categorizing judged levels. This will eliminate the issue of contest levels being treated differently. We will still have to decide what to do with previously posted levels, so for now this applies only to levels judged after I post this (but also includes levels from CC12).

Levels will now be sorted based on the category that is represented the most by the level's scores.

For example, we have a level that scores a 9/10 from one judge, a 7/10 from another judge, a 5/10 from a third judge, and an 8/10 from a fourth judge. This level has one "Best" score, two "Pretty Good" scores, and one "Average" score. "Pretty Good" is the category most represented by this level's scores, so that is where it will be moved.

Another example is a level that receives an 8/10, an 8.5/10, a 9/10, and a 9.5/10. This level has two "Pretty Good" scores and two "Best" scores, so the level is equally represented by both. To solve this problem, we will take the average of all of the scores and use that to determine placement. The average score for this level is 8.75/10, so it will be moved to "Pretty Good".

Please direct any questions to me or Valtteri through PM.

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