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A quick note about backseat moderating

Posted: Mon Jun 26, 2017 7:10 am
by Quill
The Staff have noticed an increase in backseat moderating lately, meaning some users are consistently telling others that they are doing something wrong instead of letting the Staff deal with the issue. Some users are even calling out others for backseat moderating, which ironically, is also backseat moderating. This is against the rules.

It is much more useful to report a post. This lets a Staff member know that a user might be doing something wrong, allowing us to deal with the problem appropriately. This is stated in the Forum Rules.
Forum Rules wrote:Do not backseat moderate; the mods and the rest of the staff can do their jobs themselves. There is a "Report" button on the top left corner of each post for alerting moderators of something you think violates the rules.
If you've backseat moderated before, do not worry, but please try to avoid doing it again.

Many thanks.