Topics about events/announcements that are no longer relevant.
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Postby Quill » Sun Sep 10, 2017 5:14 pm

Lately there's been some sort of trend on the forums involving users quoting others as a way of agreeing with another user's point.

Please do not do this. It is not fun to go to a thread and see something like this.
User C wrote:
User B wrote:
User A wrote:I thought this level was great! I liked how you introduced the gimmick as it was easy for the player to understand how it worked right away. I also liked how the level increased in difficulty over time but in a fair way.
If you want to quote a user as a way of agreeing with them, make sure you also contribute by adding on to their point and/or saying what you liked about their point.

If you've been doing this prior to this announcement, don't worry, but please avoid doing this type of thing again.

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