Casual Forum Rules "Take a look before posting!"

This is the place to post levels that are made just for fun.
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Casual Forum Rules "Take a look before posting!"

Postby DarkMatt » Mon Sep 29, 2014 7:40 pm

Welcome to Casual Levels. We have one rule: MAKE LEVELS.

Okay well we have a list of rules, but this is for anything you make. Worried about the quality of your level? Don't be, JUST POST. We accept all types* here, and even if you're just beginning to dabble in SMBX, you can post here and share your work with everybody without worry.

To ensure that is the case, however, we do have rules for this forum. If you don't want to get accidentally warned, you should take the time to read them!
-"DarkMatt, what's a Casual level?"
-I can tell you right now it's not an easy level. A level is considered casual if the author just wanted to make it to, well, make it. To name an example: this is the author just thinking of good ideas, making them into a level, and calling it good. A wide variety of levels can be casually made, in fact, most SMBX levels are made just out of boredom or simple interest, instead of any serious strive to make the best there is. This forum is for those levels, who can have a nice home without the author having to spend more time than he might want to make something fun.
[center]***RULES OF CASUAL LEVELS***[/center][/u][/b]
1) We still need to be able to play your level. Please ensure your thread has a working download link before posting it on the forums.

2) You must post screenshots when making a thread. We must have proof that you have made a level in your thread. This can either be pictures from SMBX or a video of your level. Failure to include screenshots will have your thread locked until you PM a judge or a staff member with them. If it stays locked for over a week, then it'll be deleted outright. Most, if not all users want to see a portion of your level before they download it, so please give them a preview.

3) *Joke levels are forbidden. If you are making a level just to pull off a cheap gag, then please, don't post it here. Any joke levels posted here will be deleted and the author warned. If you are just trying to make people laugh instead of putting together a level, then it's a Joke level and it doesn't belong anywhere in the Levels forum or its subforum. Put some actual effort in it or save the front page for people who tried.

-"DarkMatt, what's a Joke level?"
This is a bad level because it was designed to be a bad level, not because the user's inexperienced. We can tell by the way the level was made and the way the user talks about it whether or not it's a "Joke" level. If you just made an honest try but it's nowhere near as good as the big levels, then that's different from just slinging together crap in a file and posting it here. In general, just so long as you're not consciously making a level bad in design, it's not a Joke level, and you'll be free to post it here.

4) Concerning offering feedback to levels. When giving feedback to a thread, we only ask that you keep the author's feelings in mind. Do not insult or flame the author or you will be warned. Everything else is fair game. Want to talk about how cool the level was? Knock yourself out. Talking about the screenshots? Acceptable. Not really caring about what's wrong with the level? Who does anyway? Just try not to be too spammy with your replies. We'll still warn you for going way off-topic.

5) You're here to post and play levels. Keep in mind that the goal of this forum is to encourage levels of all quality. That means you don't get to shoo out the ones you don't agree with.
-It's okay to complain about how bad a level was, but you do NOT get to complain about an author not caring about what you say. You, as a critic, must accept that the author might not want to aspire to be better. If this is a problem to you, then Casual Levels isn't the place for you to post in.
-Likewise, you as an author can just ignore any replies he gets but you do NOT get to complain about posts you don't agree with. If you have a problem with it, IGNORE IT. Life does not end just because you haven't responded to feedback.
-This is not the place for arguing over the perfect marios. If you as a level designer wanted serious critique, you would've posted the level into the main forum.


A) To clarify, even if it's your first level, it's okay to post it here. This slice of the community will be glad to play and talk about your level even if you aren't like the pros.

B) Crediting your sources is not an explicit rule here as it is in the main forum, but we ask that you still do it out of consideration for the people who made the building blocks of your level. We'll still come after you if you are blatantly calling others' work your own.

C) We do not require you to offer constructive feedback on this forum, but we encourage you to at least help the author out a little bit. At bare minimum, tell him what you thought about the screenshots.

D)Concerning custom music: Please don't shoot the file size of your level through the roof by using or "ripping" very long music tracks. If you are ripping off a 15/30/60 minute video, then please cut and fade the track in the audio editor of your choice or find a shorter video to rip the audio off of. MP3s are much larger than the level and graphics even when it's only a couple minutes long, and there is a difference between a 2 (or less) megabyte file and a 20 megabyte.

E) It's important to note that levels posted here will NOT be put into any of the rating subforums. After all, that would be officially judging your level and that's not what Casual Levels is for.

Thank you for taking the time to read the rules. Now feel free to post a thread here and show this community what you've made.

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