snifit.lua - Snifit Behavior Modification API

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snifit.lua - Snifit Behavior Modification API

Postby RandomMcSomethin » Sat Jul 07, 2018 10:35 pm

A.K.A. The API that nobody asked for, but the API that I uploaded anyway, because Randoms don't care what people think of snifit APIs

This library allows you to modify the properties of snifits, such as projectiles, behavior, etc.

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Using the API is rather simple. To get started, simply download the API to your computer, put it in your level folder, and include the API in your lunadll.lua file with this line of code placed at the head of the file:

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local snifit = API.load("snifit");
Out of the box, the API adds in two new behaviours for snifits (these affect the red snifits by default). You can implement these into your snifits by putting them in different layers. Naming a layer "Jump" or "Jump3" will cause all snifits within that layer to have their behavior modified according to the layer.
"Okay, that's great and all," you may say, "but what about other snifits?" To answer your question, there is a function included within the API that goes as so:

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snifit.configureSnifits{snifitType, projectile}; 
snifitType can be modified to affect which snifits are affected by this behavior: 1 corresponds to red snifits, 2 corresponds to blue ones, and 3 is for grays. In addition, you can set projectile to an ID of any NPC in the game, from 1-up mushrooms to more snifits to banzai bills (At the moment, the API does not compensate for NPC width and set the X position accordingly, so large projectiles will most likely end up being behind snifits. This may be fixed in time.)
That's all there is to it! Sorry if it looks intimidating, my explanations can be rather wordy at times.
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Due to the way this API is coded, there are some limitations that I will attempt to fix for future updates:
  • Only one type of snifit can have modified behavior in a level.
  • You can give custom projectiles to as many snifit types as you want, but only one projectile type can be used across all of them.
  • Gray snifits are not garunteed to work properly as they have not been thoroughly tested yet.
This is my first SMBX API, so feel free to give all feedback and constructive criticism.
Video Demonstration:
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Re: snifit.lua - Snifit Behavior Modification API

Postby Smibbix » Mon Jul 23, 2018 12:21 am

Quite interesting! This will probably be pretty useful for me, since I usually only use one type of snifit in my levels.
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