[Custom Miniboss] Koopato Sentinel Anterior

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[Custom Miniboss] Koopato Sentinel Anterior

Postby Tempest » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:36 pm

Only indie game experts will know what this bossfight is a parody of, hehe

I made a custom bossfight against a green floating koopa shell... orb... thing...?


I couldn't get a cool photo for the actual bossfight but here's the sprite I used /\
Moveset: show
The boss has two active moves:
Bombshell (get it?): An explosive shell is tossed.
Spreadshell: Three explosive shells are thrown in quick succession at different angles.

There's also the passive moves:
Brake: Boss freezes while displaying an animation if you change directions.
Chase: The main attack, self-explanatory.

Everytime an active move is used, the boss stays static for some time depending on the power of the move used!
Also, if you put multiple KSA's on a single room they cooperate together to annihilate you, isn't that cute? :) (don't do that tho they can be somewhat glitchy)
This wasn't made to be something ultra fancy and complicated, just something I decided to do on my spare time to add some action to the project I'm contributing to right now (NeoSMB by 8luestorm)

Since I couldn't do much of a "death" effect, I also included an extra sound file in the .rar, so if anyone wants to use this they can make a custom event and add that sound or something like that, be creative!

Oh, I forgot to note but, you can't kill Anterior without using external weapons such as a Billy Gun or Ice Blocks, since it's immune to fireballs, iceballs and jumps. Your best bet is a Hammer Suit.

http://www.mediafire.com/file/mb3tercv4 ... terior.rar
Sound and sprite base credits for you non-geeks: show
Komato Sentinel Proxima sounds taken from Iji, by Daniel Remar. Proxima's sprite was also used as a base for the sprite on the bossfight
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