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ClearMan's Creations

Postby ClearMan06 » Fri Apr 16, 2021 11:02 am

I've been playing Super Mario Maker 2 ever since it came out. My friend LGLMAKING told me about SMBX, so I decided to give it a whirl.

I'm quite new to SMBX (I only have this for about a month now), though I have been making some levels using the knowledge I have.
I'm using version because technical limitations

Update: the technical limitations have been fixed, so now I'm ready to use the latest version of SMBX2 instead.

Level 1: Switching Block Skyway
Normal traditional level using rapidly switching blocks.
Recommended characters: Mario/Luigi/Peach/Toad/Link
Spoiler: show
Download (SMBX ... Yb-kIbe1Uc (should be playable in SMBX2 patch 4)
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Re: ClearMan's Creations

Postby Fuyu » Tue May 04, 2021 10:06 am

I'm curious as to what those technical limitations could be, but putting that aside this was a fun level.

Switching Block Skyway

You cleverly used the switching mechanic to present challenging obstacles for the player to overcome. However, this level suffers from two major problems: repetitiveness, and the technical intricacies of the switching mechanic. For repetitiveness, I don't think I need to explain myself, but for better exposition's sake, you used the wait for the switch to happen obstacle throughout the level, only adding height difference once or twice, and only going out of your way to do more stuff for the Yoshi Coins and the Key Exit. I enjoyed the latter more than the former, which posed a unique challenge of not only watching out for where it's safe to stand on but also watching out for the wall that would leave you out.

The final problem is how the switch works. When the player is stuck inside walls SMBX's clunky physics spit the player out to the opposing side the player is facing. There are some instances where the player will be stuck inside blocks and will have nowhere to go and will have to die because of bad timing. Admittedly, I'm guessing that was your original intention, but it's still not pretty to look at.

The level was also pretty short, if the player is quick enough he/she could finish it in under a minute, but that is only because of wait times. And in this little timeframe, there is no sense of progression with the difficulty staying the same, ending in an unsatisfying conclusion.

Design: 8 / 30 [There was little to no effort going on]
Aesthetics: 13 / 20 [Nothing special about it but not unfitting]
Gameplay: 12 / 40 [However easy and short the level was it had a good premise and was fun]
Originality 3 / 10 [The switching mechanic is overused at this point]

Overall: 36 / 100
For your first SMBX level this is a lot better than most people can claim. Don't let this score get you down and keep it up. Browse other people's creations, get inspiration and pour your all. This is one thread I'll come back to should there be any updates!

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