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Level Reviewer Application Thread

Postby Kley » Fri Sep 01, 2017 3:59 pm

Hey everyone! As previously mentioned in the Month of September thread, we are proud to announce that we are implementing a new level reviewing system! Our new system will consist of many of you guys who are willing to give the best constructive criticism we know you're capable of providing.

Why make a new system and not bring back level judges?

We want this to be as lax as possible, and we do not want users to stress out about meeting a goal towards how many levels they have to review. There is no obligation to review a certain amount of levels a day/week/month. We want to encourage users to apply for this position, as you will be doing the community a huge favor by helping your peers become better level designers. The staff wants to emphasize that all hired level reviewers will not be put in a special usergroup, but instead will be given a special reviewer's rank. This rank will essentially tell you "Hey, this user knows what he's talking about!"

How do I apply?

Applying to be a level reviewer is very easy! PM a moderator or an administrator with what you believe is your best review for a level. After examination, the staff will decide and notify you via PM whether or not your reviews are suitable enough to give you the unique level reviewer's rank.

Note: you can reapply should you not be hired. Just be sure to send us a different review from your last one.
We look forward to granting this rank to many of you guys, and wish you the best of luck when applying!

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