Shadow Solar System X (New Level: Cyberfrost Facility - ASC 5th place)

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Shadow Solar System X (New Level: Cyberfrost Facility - ASC 5th place)

Postby ShadowStarX » Thu May 03, 2018 10:38 am


This is the place where I'm going to upload my custom levels.

The first one is gonna be Cyberfrost Facility, which was my SMBX All Stars Contest Entry which scored a 7.9/10 in average:
Cyberfrost Facility Screenshot: show
Cyberfrost Facility Video: show
Cyberfrost Facility Contest Judges' Reviews: show
PixelPest (34 | 20 | 16)--70/100: I quite enjoyed this level, especially how much it explored the gimmick. It was nice to see the conveyor ladders introduced in a relatively safe setting, however I think it would be better to start exploring set-ups without the impending threat of instant-killing lava, and instead just begin with some set-ups that don't hurt the player if they hit the top or bottom of the ladder, and then work your way up to adding spikes at the top (so the player is just harmed but not necessarily instantly killed), and then lava. What somewhat disappointed me was the introduction of the lasers. It was interesting that they were introduced in their own section without the ladders and then introduced with the ladders again, however they really slowed down the gameplay. The first part of the level was quite fast-paced and the lasers absolutely ruined the flow. Their set-ups also became very similar and unvaried towards the end of the level and also started getting less creative. This level probably would have benefitted from solely working with the ladders as a mechanic and playing around as you did with them, without the large amount of stalling the player was required to do. The sections that forced the player to move fast due to a scrolling laser were an interesting addition that forced the player to move faster, however I think it would have been better if these two sections were not back-to-back. Adding the poisoning mechanic in which the player could no longer jump was interesting, but again incorporated in some ways that slowed the player down significantly and the last section was very repetitive with its set-ups and often just required the player to climb slowly up a ladder (sometimes moving in the opposite direction the player tries to climb) and then falling off onto a block or another ladder. Another thing this level did well were the subtle changes in music which really added to the atmosphere and just the overall feeling of it. The aesthetics overall were pretty well-developed, however there was a slight graphical discrepancy when lasers overlapped and I think it might have been more effective if the lava was gray (or at least less saturated) since it stuck out a little too much compared to the other graphics. Other things like the ticking sound for the lasers helped the player know when they were switching, which was well-executed, however again this level would have been much better if it started exploring with the ladders a little more thoroughly instead of jumping ahead quickly and then into the lasers which severely disturbed the flow of the level.

Spinda (40 | 21 | 16)--77/100: Ths was a really good level! My biggest gripe is probably the first few sections - the gimmicks by themselves aren't too exiting and they don't need to be by themselves for such a long time. I also feel that the timing of the lasers in the first section that they appear take a bit too long to appear/disappear considering that there aren't any extremely tough challenges in that section - there's quite a bit of waiting as a result.
I really liked the combination of all the elements in the latter sections. Having to control your height when waiting for the laser to toggle is a good way to get around the issue with waiting that earlier sections had, and I like how it is combined with some of the jumps you have to do - they aren't all that tough in isolation, but by making it harder to reposition yourself and making it impossible to just idly wait, those jumps get a decent level of challenge.
I'm not a huge fan of the autoscroll section - waiting is already discouraged by the design of the conveyor ladders, so it doesn't really add too much to the level. It would've been interesting to maybe see that autoscroll in combination with not being able to jump. Additionally, this level has some issues with telegraphing, especially concerning the Ice Flower: neither Hammer Bros. nor Buzzy Beetles are able to be frozen, yet there is no indication of that. It's also not really made clear the the yellow laser instantly kills the player.
The last section is really good and is probably the best use of the conveyor ladders in the game. Having to actually use them to gain any height makes you rethink many of the setups previously used in the level, although it is cut a bit too short - having a larger part of the level dedicated to this gimmick and having less of the introductory parts would improve the flow.

bossedit8 (48 | 24 | 18)--90/100: Frostbyte Warning ahead... or at least as of how it looks as a whole. Ok so what do we have here in this level... we have ladders that acts like conveyor belts and the different colors means different directions which is quite nice since later on they're been used to it's full potential. We even have lasers later on that are being used to it's full potential once being introduced and thankfully you added multiple checkpoints so we don't have to redo most of the level again... and also very fairly placed too. Enemy placements were also pretty neat like you have podoboos and grinders added in such a way where you made the ladder part more interesting and challenging rather than just simply acrossing it without danger. Also those beetles that can't be frozen by iceballs, there are specific places that once you kick the shell, let it bounce back and forth and keep on throwing iceballs at the shell you basically gain a chain reaction of coins and then 1UPs. A little weird but well, we can honestly blame redigit for that since iceballs were implemented pretty late in the game and they have their own buggy aspects like that. For some reason the music, once you get to the part where it switches the music it has a slight different volume into it which is a little odd but oh well, it's a notice. I like how it gets relatively challenging with the ladders and laser part while still being engaged with the level design here... like later on you gotta even flee from the laser or else you're gonna die immediadly but don't worry, checkpoints right before the flee part! But also before the flee part there is a secret exit for you to get which is a SMB3 Star. After the fleeing part you get closer to the end but one last few moments you are unable to jump in these few sections which basically means, the challenge is to know where to go without the ability to jump. After that you get the end with a SMB3 Star.
Cybefrost Facility Download Link
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Re: Shadow Solar System X (New Level: Cyberfrost Facility - ASC 5th place)

Postby PROX » Wed May 09, 2018 6:10 pm

this was a good level. A bit long, but definitely good.
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