Zenith Weapon Works (ASLC 3rd Place) (requires Beta 3 and a decent CPU)

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Zenith Weapon Works (ASLC 3rd Place) (requires Beta 3 and a decent CPU)

Postby Quantumenace » Fri Jul 27, 2018 6:57 pm

I was going to wait for beta 4, but it's been long enough already.

Zenith Weapon Works (ASLC 3rd Place) (requires Beta 3 and a decent CPU)

-An epic journey through a factory that actually does stuff.
-Over 12000 lines of Lua code
-A custom bonus powerup
-Two elaborately scripted custom NPCs, plus a few tweaked NPCs
-A plot that doesn't take itself too seriously
-A final boss that has to be seen to be believed

This level is extremely long! The judges took on the order of two hours to complete it. It is not a maze or a find-the-item/switch fest, it's just big. Be sure you have the time and energy for the whole thing!

The amount of objects and effects can be taxing on the CPU. The first area will measure the amount of lag caused by a few Zoomers and warn you if it's likely to be a problem. If you experience lag from particle bursts, try typing "woodenpc", but lag may be unavoidable on older machines.

The boss ended up being more difficult than I anticipated, in addition to taking at least 5-6 minutes to beat. It may take quite a few tries, so stock up on lives where you can. You may be in a little better position to beat it if you manage to find all the dragon coins...

Hint: If you aren't causing damage to the boss, try hitting it somewhere else.

This level contains its own .wld file because the stars you collect aren't saved when running through the editor. I recommend installing it like an episode and running it from the launcher.

Notice: Due to a sound deadlock issue, there is a very low chance of the game freezing during the boss while running in Beta 3. This is why I wanted to wait for Beta 4. I only ever got this once in all my tests, but I would advise against attempting to livestream this for that reason.
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Version 1.0, unchanged from the version submitted to the contest but with a corresponding .wld file
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Special thanks to PixelPest for his support. Please try to keep at least the first few posts relatively spoiler-free!

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