Super Mario Bros.:The Star Hunt

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Super Mario Bros.:The Star Hunt

Postby rpgguy364 » Tue Aug 16, 2016 6:32 am

NOTE:Please say if someone uses the same name already.I guess that this name can be common.
Wyh don't you take a look at my project?Here itis.I don't even know i will complete this project but,i want to share it with people.

Bowser makes a genius plan,once again.He steals all 12 stars in the Shellio Island and builds castles in the island to prevent the citizens from taking it back.The plumber bros.go to the island to learn what the problem is.They later learn that Bowser also built a stronghold on the clouds near the island.In this island,Mario will see lots of castles and he will fight with the koopalings,Boom Boom and many more(probaly).

Spoiler: show
There isn't any demo and i will not post demos(i will post it in episodes when the project is complete).
But you can download the level 'Climbing The Forest' from the episode:!rB9yECST!Sl-0twy94yer ... Ql3cloL4Y0
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Re: Super Mario Bros.:The Star Hunt

Postby Valtteri » Tue Aug 16, 2016 7:41 am

Please don't put everything in spoilers. Also, there's a new rule where you must have one screenshot from every world that you say your project is going to have. Please remove the worlds from your list that don't have levels yet.

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