Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends

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Lucario Pharaoh Man and The Friends

Postby Greasy » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:57 pm

(Thanks to AndrewPixel for the logo!)

What the heck is this?!
Calm down, it's a fanon series that crossovers are involved a lot, c'mon... you didn't seen one of these, don't you? The main focus is that they are hero mercenaries that consider together as a 'family' that live in the chilean island.

Okay, explain the story
Lucario, Pharaoh Man and Mondo Oowada are having a relax in their house at The Rapa-House together with their family and also team: The Rapa-Nui Friends, when suddenly, they have the news from the villagers that few humans went missing from the Hanga Roa Village, so they set up to explore at their lands to see who is the culprit, seems like The Tediz built a Fortress that is taking humans prisoners in the island! As the story progress, they don't only face known villains, but a new treat has arrived from an unknown dimension to put a hand in the universe!

Who are the playable characters?
Lucario replaces Link, Pharaoh Man replaces Mega Man, Mondo Oowada replaces Uncle Broadsworth and eventually you will unlock Lucifer which replaces Klonoa. I'm planning to replace the rest of the characters

Is there a Yoshi Replacement?
Yes, its name is Nyaw, a catman-like creature which is straight from a chilean comic series named 'Ogu, Mampato and Rena'

Wait, who is Lucifer? Is the devil working for hero?!
It's just the name, Lucifer is a timetraveler boy from the future that mastered the ninjutsu of the kiseru pipe, which once belonged to the Mystical Ninja many years ago.
Show some images, please!: show
World Map - World 1: Easter Island

Rapa-House - Yoshi's House-like place (Tilesets are not final, just placeholders)

1-1 Tupuna Tropics - The First Level (Unfinished yet)
Let's say 15%

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