Super Mario 08: SMBX 2 Edition (WIP Name)

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Super Mario 08: SMBX 2 Edition (WIP Name)

Postby mario610 » Mon Jun 15, 2020 2:24 am

I was thinking of reviving an old project I started a bit ago in the new SMBX 2 engine (Old outdated project: Project I just don't know how I should, I was thinking maybe redoing the 2nd world (wasn't too happy revisiting it, just felt like I rushed it or something, which wasn't the case, but just felt like it), and maybe just redoing the worlds. For example replacing Toxic caverns with Crystal Caves (one I am working on right now) with some new stuff from SMBX 2.

Though I am curious what others think of the other worlds, what I should fix or if I should try a new project.I also plan on removing the custom powerup sprites (since they sometimes look wrong, especially going down pipes), and removing the types of stars restriction (because that also felt it forced stars into unusual situations in levels,like egadd randomly in toxic caverns, random toads in halefire peaks, etc).

Here's a screen shot of the level I've been working on, the one to replace toxic caverns

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