Spire - An SMBX38A Collaborative Project! [Phase 1: Brainstorming]

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Spire - An SMBX38A Collaborative Project! [Phase 1: Brainstorming]

Postby Yoshi021 » Fri Jan 29, 2021 2:59 pm

Hello everyone, I want to make an amazing announcement today! I am presenting to you the project Spire, a community collaboration episode.

Join Hector, as he climbs up a spire from room to room. Each room offering a challenge to overcome. With a total of 100 rooms to climb up and 10 bosses, and a toolkit including new NPCs, new blocks, and a new custom character, there are many possibilities to create and play!

How can I help?
Right now we are in the brainstorming phase that means that we need ideas! If you are the person that
  • Likes to imagine sceneries and themes
  • Can find GFX online
  • Can make GFX
  • Likes picking out music
  • Likes thinking about gimmicks and mechanics.
Then you can help!

How does it work?
The tower is divided into 10 sets. Each set has its own aesthetic theme and gameplay theme. Right now we are deciding on these! We need GFX and music only for this phase.

Whats next?
Once the brainstorming phase is done, we reach phase 2: Toolkit creation! We will finish up, and quality check the toolkit to make sure it's working just as intended.
Afterward, it's phase 3, room creation. You can reserve and begin making rooms with the toolkit released.
Phase 4: Quality check. We will review your rooms to make sure they are working and have a certain level of quality.

How can I join?
Join our discord server! Here you can be up to date and help out! Everything is organized there. I will also be taking a look at this forum post so feel free to post stuff in this thread too! Also, check out the spreadsheet as it will be important once we reach phase 3. You can also check out the github to test out the toolkit as it is being developed or to contribute to the game!


Right now we need idea people and GFX people. You don't need to make the GFX, finding GFX is also welcomed! Join our discord to help out!

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Re: Spire - An SMBX38A Collaborative Project! [Phase 1: Brainstorming]

Postby DerEric » Fri Jan 29, 2021 4:18 pm

I still think Century Citadel would have made for a much better name...

Please don't use extended music tracks.
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