Error (Zelda 2) in Dark World form (ALttP)

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Error (Zelda 2) in Dark World form (ALttP)

Postby Devan2002 » Sat Mar 17, 2018 7:07 pm

Anyone able to think of a dark world form for Error, try to make it uses only the SNES colors, like here:
I'm only requesting this for a project that is in the works. He doesn't have to be a bunny, and he doesn't have tall as he is, but it should be at least noticeable that it is Error.
It's kinda sad to see that there aren't many episodes based on Link being the main protagonist. Hopefully I can see more in the future, because LoZ was one of my favorite franchises. ;)

You can always give me ideas on my projects, so don't hold them in.

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