[Graphic Request] Meteorites

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[Graphic Request] Meteorites

Postby iForgot » Thu Jul 23, 2020 5:57 pm

I was curious if anyone could make me some meteorites for my lava-themed world in my episode. It would replace an NPC, that way if a player touched it then he/she would take damage. If anyone is interested then please let me know. This is for SMBX version 1.3.

If you need a reference then I would suggest looking up images of the NSMB 3DS meteorites.

If you are planning to make multiple, then size variation would be appreciated. Also, making the NPC animated is not a requirement but would be fantastic.

Finally, I am aware that this type of request has been made before. I plan to use the meteorites from that request but was hoping someone could make me a few more, as it's been difficult to find time to make them myself.
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