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Before you make a topic/post, consider the following:
-Is there a topic for this already?
-Is your post on-topic/appropriate?
-Are you posting in the right forum/following the forum rules?
-Is the suggestion you're making aimed toward the improvement of the site or something you just want to be added as a personal preference?
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Postby Aero » Thu May 24, 2018 7:17 pm

The rules are as follows:
  • Refrain from creating topics dedicated to personal concerns about particular users, groups, specific staff members or the staff in general, and the community.
  • Refrain from creating topics discussing staff actions, and moderation.
  • Avoid posting in threads about the behavior of fellow members and how they act.
  • Do not contribute to chain responses against particular users, and report them when necessary while trying to avoid conflict.
  • Make topics follow the forum description of "what would you like to see," rather than "what is bad and needs to be changed."
  • Direct questions about the editor/game to the Help & Support forum. Questions should be related to this website, not anything else.
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