Merio's dumb quest ( reupload)

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Merio's dumb quest ( reupload)

Postby drmario1 » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:35 pm

thanks to glitch4

DISCLAMER: No posts will be replyied to ... 5/

This is not post counting i just wanna hear peoples opinions

EDIT: I know i didn't fix anything but I can't belive people counted how many times i posted this
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Re: Merio's dumb quest ( reupload)

Postby Mable » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:40 pm

drmario1 wrote: DISCLAMER: No posts will be replyied to
drmario1 wrote: This is not post counting i just wanna hear peoples opinons
Here's one for not fixing anything :D

Okay lemme do this

- The level design is just bad. It's mostly the same run right thats it tactic.
- The boom boom fight just wow.. dodging hammers and thwomps sure is fun
- The birdo fight is so useless, you get a hammer suit the bills can't hit you and neithet can birdo just throw them hammers
- The level path is so boring. Just go to the right jump over some npcs thats it. Might as well check that pipe for the not so secret exit.
- The level last is so uneeded. You just go into the door and kill a toad. Oh right gotta kill yourself also bc there is no ending.
- The level hill is a hell of cutoff and lazily made. Just slide down get in the vase and thats it get the star.
- The level battle... i dunno why it is there but once you in it theres no way out.
- The level boo has one single boo. Thats why it's called boo even the boos didn't want to be in that ghost house oh and there is this random toad also.
- The level ice was fun after i deleted the ice blocks and the ice ones with cheeps in it.
- The level wood? Damn going through 1 million doors was fun got a star anyway.
- The level for was totally useless
- You didn't even use the custom music why is it in there?
- The rest of the leveld had the same stuff as the others.

- Lazy rushed design
- Almost no real npc use only in some levels
- Battle level that you can't quit
- Easy Birdo fights
- Easy Boom Boom fights
- Cutoff hard to be avoided
- Same idea over and over almost every level is like "hey wanna warp dude?"
- Easy Secret exit use.
- Nothing fixed but posted for the 6th time now.

End Reaction:


If i would have to give points... 1/10 for real

You really should look into the tuts by Marina, XerX and Castlewars.

Congratulations also posting this the 6th time now

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Re: Merio's dumb quest ( reupload)

Postby AirSeus » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:11 pm

Seriously , why did you repost this 6 times? Next time ask a mod/admin to unlock your thread otherwise you will get a red cheek that I would of slapped for doing this in the first place ;)
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Re: Merio's dumb quest ( reupload)

Postby Mable » Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:32 pm

Well, he either does that on purpose or doesn't know how this forum works.

To bad he won't reply bc if he doe's he contracts himself also.

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Re: Merio's dumb quest ( reupload)

Postby Mario Legacy » Thu Jul 16, 2015 5:23 pm

Seriously? I've seen this reposted 6 times. You know, this is why I don't sign up for forums too much. Because of people like this. But, SMBX is a great game with SOME great episodes. *cough* New Super Mario Galaxy X *cough*

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