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Re: Roleplay Character/General Discussion Thread

Postby Witchking666 » Wed May 31, 2017 12:30 pm

Welp, I am finished.
General Information:
Name: Anakh Bloodrune.
Race: Vampire
Gender: Male.
Age: 29 (undead)
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Chaotic Good.
Speed: 30ft.
Background: Haunted one
  • *Common.
    *Thieves’ Cant.
Armor: Light Armor
Weapons: simple Weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
Tools: Thieves' Tools
  • *Acrobatics. (expertise)
    *Investigation. (expertise)
Saving throws: Dexterity, Intelligence.

Blood Thirst
Vampiric resistance.
Heart of Darkness

Strength: 0
Dexterity: +2
Constitution: +1
Intelligence: +2
Wisdom: 0
Charisma: +3
HP: 9
AC: 13

-A Shortbow and Quiver of 20 Arrows.
-Explorer's Pack
-Leather armor.
-Two daggers
-Thieves’ tools.
-Monster hunter's pack
-A book with words that change every time it is read

Appearance: show
Because he is a vampire, Anakh’s skin is pale as snow. He has relatively long, pitch black hair that reaches to the middle of his back. Anakh’s body is covered in rune-shaped scars as a result of the ritual abuse he has gone through when he was a child. Both of Anakh’s eyes are a piercing shade of green. Just like most of his species he prefers the night over the day. Anakh always carries a small leatherbound book with him no matter where he is going. He usually wears all-black without any accessories aside from a steel ring. This clothing makes him close to invisible during the night.
Backstory: show
Anakh doesn’t remember a lot about his childhood. He doesn’t know who his parents were or whether they are still alive. Even if they were still alive they probably wouldn’t recognize him anyway. When Anakh was still young and alive he was kidnapped by an occult warlock who practiced a form of black magic. Anakh doesn’t really remember anything from this period of his life aside from the horrible pain associated with it. The warlock has left a permanent mark on Anakh’s body in the form of the terrifying rune shaped burning scars covering him from head to toe. Also somewhere down the line Anakh was changed into a vampire. The reason why the warlock did this is unknown to Anakh. Maybe it was necessary to perform a certain ritual, maybe it was punishment or maybe the man was just a terrible sadist. Anakh doesn’t really care about the reason that much. Knowing why they are there isn’t going to remove the scars anyway. It also won’t make him human again.

After he somehow managed to escape the warlock’s grasp he soon discovered a new enemy: himself. See, Anakh wasn’t a sadist. He was good person who never did any harm. The problem was that Vampires need blood to keep them from dying. And Anakh didn’t want to kill innocents in order to get. He intended to simply starve himself to death, it never got that far though. On the ninth day without blood, a friendly wizard found Anakh. The vampire had chained himself to a wall to ensure his instincts wouldn’t force him to kill someone. Without a second thought the wizard unchained Anakh. The two talked for a while and Anakh told the wizard what had happened to him. The wizard sympathized with him and he gave Anakh a very special gift. The wizard gave Anakh a small, leather-bound book without a title. Anakh didn’t know why a book would help him deal with his problems. The wizard told him the small artifact was no ordinary book. The Book tells you which people are evil, and which are good. It also gives you directions sometimes. Every time it is read it will give different advice. Only the person who opened the book will actually see any writing. Everyone else trying to peek will only see blank pages.

Shortly after giving the book away, the wizard left. The small, rectangular object saved Anakh’s live. Anakh never left the book open, he never let someone else read it and he always carried it with him. It was his key to living, it allowed him to determine which people were evil enough to deserve death. It allowed him to be a vigilante instead of a ruthless killer. Even though killing evil people can be considered a good cause, Anakh still hates doing it. Because each town only contains a limited amount of bad people, Anakh was forced to continue travelling.
Personality: show
Anakh is a very independent person who can spot lots of subtle changes in the environment and people. He is also able to sneak into buildings. Even though Anakh is technically a serial killer he is usually quite a nice person. He doesn’t enjoy fighting but he knows it is necessary sometimes. Anakh isn’t very judgemental and can be a great conversation partner. Anakh isn’t a very good team player though. He prefers to do everything on his own and might sometimes be a bit reckless. Anakh always carries a small book with him and can sometimes spend hours reading it. If people ask about his killings Anakh will usually respond with evasive answers. Because Anakh was hurt so much in the past it is also not very easy to earn his trust.
If there is anything more I need to add feel free to tell me. Also, feedback on my character is very much appreciated.
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Re: Roleplay Character/General Discussion Thread

Postby Danny » Wed May 31, 2017 3:41 pm

Witchking666 wrote:If there is anything more I need to add feel free to tell me. Also, feedback on my character is very much appreciated.
Seems pretty good. I'm going to leave out the lore/backstory/personality stuff when I put it in the thread, mostly because they're in separate spoilers and that messes up the whole spoiler thing.
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