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Levels Forum Rules

Postby Shadow Yoshi » Mon Aug 15, 2016 6:36 pm

Welcome to the Levels forum! This is the place to post the levels you have created with Super Mario Bros. X. You're welcome to make a topic for yourself as a place to post all of your levels for people to give you feedback. Please have a look at the following rules for posting in this forum:

  1. All levels must be posted within one creator topic. This ensures that levels can be easily found by creator and prevents levels from being burried by more popular levels.
  2. You must include a screenshot when posting a level. Only one screenshot is required, and this must be an 800x600 (or 400x300) lossless image and must be embedded into your post. This means no JPEGs and no fullscreen/stretched/blurry images, as well as no linking to external pages. Full-level or large screenshots such as those taken with PGE are okay (as long as they are not JPEGs or stretched/blurry), but you don't want to spoil your whole level!
  3. All posted levels must have a working download link. Please do not use a file hosting service that forces you to register before you can download files, or one that deletes files after a period of time. Recommended hosting sites include Dropbox, MEGA, and Google Drive. (Please make sure your links are public!)
  4. Take constructive criticism constructively! People who give you constructive feedback on your levels are trying to help you become a better designer. Even if you disagree, please be respectful. If you think someone is giving you criticism that isn't constructive, use the report button and the staff will take care of it.
  5. Double posting is okay in this forum, but only if you're the author of the topic. You're welcome to double post if you have made another level and would like to say so, or if your thread hasn't been posted in for a while and you would like feedback. In the case of the latter, please wait at least a few days before double posting. A staff member will notify you if there are any problems.
FOR THOSE POSTING IN LEVEL THREADS: Constructive criticism only. If you don't like someone's level, either explain why or don't say anything at all. Repeated violations of this rule may result in removing your ability to post in this forum.

Thanks for reading, and have fun posting levels!

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