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Our World of Text: Gfor's Server

Postby GforGoomba » Sun Aug 12, 2018 3:11 am

I made a server on Our World of Text, hopefully the same doesnt happen that happened with my Pixelator server, but please enjoy my server! https://www.ourworldoftext.com/gforgoomba
krazykats advice: show
If you don't want to be suspicious, then you want to act like you're trying to help the town. Be constructive towards the game, share suspicions that aren't blatantly disprovable, cast lynch votes that aren't just a bandwagon vote with no explanation (we're all guilty of this one), ask people questions about their thoughts on things.

You don't want to post super often, but when you do post you want it to have content and not just fluff. Don't be afraid to share your thoughts, but also use your brain before you throw suspicions out there. I say this because we mislynched Taycamgame last game because he threw out a suspicion against me that literally made no sense in the context of the game. If he hadn't committed that brain fart, we would've been more likely to lynch one of the actual bad guys that day and not just a townie who didn't think before they spoke.
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