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Re: Royalty-free Ideas!

Postby 8lue Storm » Sat Aug 31, 2019 10:14 pm

1f0 T R A N S F E R
Spoiler: show
If a npc which has npcblocktop=1 stands in a 1f0 tile (aka gliding block), npcs standing on it will suffer the effects of the 1f0 too, even though they are not in contact with the block. Also works with npcs that are standing on npcs that are standing on npcs that are standing in a 1f0 tile.
At least with the shy guy and the airship engine piece idk i haven't tested the others.

NOTE: doesn't work if the 1f0 tile is colliding with another block, or if the npc is no longer touching the 1f0! This maybe could be used with a moving layer to do something... Like this!
Spoiler: show
have fun ;)

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