Below you will find various graphics that you can use with SMBX. Simply download and extract into folder of the level or episode you want to use them with. If you have trouble with custom graphics, look on the wiki for help.

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December 2017: Modern Mario Bros. Playables

Ever wanted Mario and Luigi to look more like their modern versions instead of the original classics? Thanks to AxelVoss, now they can.

November 2017: SMW Map Recolors

Don't want to use the default colors for an SMW map? This pack offers some great recolors that might suit your map better or even give you inspiration for an entirely new world for your project.

October 2017: SMB1 and SMW BG Pack

This pack features backgrounds themed around SMB1 and SMW. Looking for some fancy backgrounds that look like they came from the original games? There's plenty here to pick from.

September 2017: Enjl's Collection

We love to feature graphics packs that have a massive variety of graphics, graphics that are bound to provide inspiration for your levels. Enjl's Collection is no exception.

August 2017: PROX's Box Full of Graphics

PROX has a massive collection of custom graphics that you should definitely check out. There's all sorts of creative tilesets and more to be found here that is bound to provide inspiration for your levels.

July 2017: Squishy Rex's CGFX Pack

This graphics pack originates from 2014, but we're featuring it for the huge variety of graphics it has. There's bound to be something here that you can use for your own levels, so feel free to take a look if you haven't already.

Featured Graphics of 2014

Here are all of the graphics that were featured on the forums in 2014.