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Welcome to the Super Mario Bros. X Wiki!

The Super Mario Bros. X Wiki is dedicated to the Super Mario Bros. X community and the contributions of its members. Currently the SMBX wiki has 787 pages, 574 files, and 1,056 users.

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  • Episodes - Episodes created by SMBX users.
  • Graphics - Graphics packs assembled for use in SMBX projects.
  • Projects - Projects that are a work-in-progress.
  • Contests - Community and user-led level contests.
  • Guides - Helpful guides, FAQs, tips, and tutorials for using SMBX.
  • Comics - Comics created by community members.

Featured: September 2018


Airship Attack
The iconic episode by the iconic SMBX creator bossedit8! Having taken about two years to be made, Airship Attack continues to be one of the larges SMBX episodes there is to date, with a whopping 170 levels, guaranteeing you hours and hours of playtime and fun.


AirShip's GFX Pack
Throw it all away. This pack contains many of AirShip's distinctive graphics and is another classic that is essential to have for every level creator out there.

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