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Super Mario Bros. X, commonly abbreviated to SMBX, is a freeware Nintendo fangame developed by Andrew Spinks, also known as Redigit. Redigit released the first version of SMBX in 2009 and continued releasing updates through October 2010. SMBX then went into development again with LunaDLL and then LunaLua, with the PGE project serving as an alternative to the legacy editor. SMBX Version 1.3 was the final official version of SMBX developed by Redigit until SMBX2 began development.

Legacy Editor

The legacy editor refers to the editor component of SMBX released with each version up to Version Each of the following features are present in the latest version of the legacy editor:

  • Object selection
  • Placement of blocks and tiles
  • Placement of NPCs
  • Placement of background objects
  • Customization of level settings
  • Debugging
  • Layers and Events
  • Singleplayer and Two Player modes
  • Real-time level editing
  • Online play and editing

A gameplay manual, editor help, and general help document was written by Jeremy "Blue" Guerrette can be found in SMBX's directory with extensive details about various editor and game engine features. Other information such as cheat codes, NPC codes, and The Lakitus are throwing Lakitus! tab have typically been found on SMBX forums and has not been packaged with SMBX downloads. The legacy editor has been used to make numerous levels for many different projects and episodes to be shared with the community.



Super Mario Bros. X2

Featured Episodes

Title Author(s) Description Featured
Valtteri Island - Revisited Valtteri This is a recreated version of the original Valtteri Island, with a more improved and current design for the latest SMBX. February 2014
Phil's Super Mario Bros. 3 Remake Phil Did you like SMB3 on the classic Nintendo consoles? Play it today, brilliantly remade for SMBX. March 2014
Another Princess Cliche! Kley Kley has reposted his 2010 episode, which may or may not be a direct sequel to the original. April 2014
Super Mario Enigmatic Reign Reign brings to us a slightly different style of episode. If you like puzzles, this is for you. May 2014
Tower of Biased 6 Quill This is a compilation of all the levels from CC7. Play through the giant tower from lowest-scoring to highest-scoring levels. June 2014
Luigi's Fight for the Mushroom Kingdom reghrhre reghrhre's long-awaited episode is finally here! Play as Luigi and put a stop to Wario and Waluigi's evil plans. July 2014
New Great Castle Adventure krazykoopa, Zephyr, Valtteri, Chad Our talented team of Level Designers have completed the newest addition to the classic Great Castle Adventure series. August 2014
The Great Empire 3 Knux The third installment in the historical TGE series has been suddenly completed. September 2014
A Second Mario Bros. X Thing Septentrion Pleiades Talkhaus made a game, and you should play it. NOTE: This episode uses a modified version of SMBX. October 2014
Super Mario Land Returns goombaguy This is goombaguy's modern rendition of the original Super Mario Land. November 2014
Legend of Mario Phil Phil brings to us another great-looking episode, this time with a more RPG-style gameplay. December 2014
Title Author(s) Description Featured
Level Contest Japan iguzamini, Enjl, snoruntpyro For those unaware, an SMBX level contest was hosted earlier this year by iguzamini. The levels submitted to this contest are now available to play in episode format. There's an incredible world map made by Enjl and snoruntpyro added too. It's definitely worth checking out. July 2017
Super Mario Star Expedition Chad Super Mario Star Expedition is an older episode, but it is a fantastic one nevertheless. Chad has created an amazing adventure and it's something you should definitely try at some point if you haven't already. August 2017
Mario Prime Reign Mario Prime takes the exploration focus from games such as the Metroid series and mixes it with the Super Mario universe. If you're looking for a different kind of SMBX episode, this might be the one for you. September 2017
Betterified II: Return of Daddy Brain Waddle Derp, Sanct Do you want to play a completely crazy version of the Invasion 2? Of course you do. October 2017
The SMBX Classics Collection Knux Knux has been working hard on recovering SMBX episodes made in the past and re-releasing them for today's community to play and enjoy. As of November 1st 2017, there are 7 episodes to play, with more to be released in the future! November 2017
Dr. Wily's Empire sh4dy Dr Wily is at it again, but this time in a Mega Man-themed SMBX episode. If you're a fan of the Mega Man series, definitely take a look at this one. December 2017
Title Author(s) Description Featured
Return to Dinosaur Land Valtteri, Wind, deadfish Enjoyed Super Mario World and want to see a re-imagining of Dinosaur Land in SMBX? Now's your chance. This episode is packaged together with SMBX2, but if you haven't had the chance to try it out yet, definitely do so! January 2018
Reign of the Gate Keepers Shadow_Flame This episode allows players to experience six unique worlds. You can also choose what order you want to play them in! If this piques your interest, download it today! February 2018
SMB: A New Beginning Zephyr SMB: A New Beginning is another classic episode that takes advantage of what SMBX has to offer, such as with the use of both a world map and hubs. March 2018
The Invasion 2 Redigit The Invasion 2 is objectively one of the best SMBX episodes made ever. It's so good that SMBX is smart enough to download it for you if you download SMBX, so play it now! I couldn't find a screenshot of it, so I hope the one I provided will suffice. April Fools 2018
MaGL X2 Horikawa Otane MaGL X2 was a contest held a few years ago that featured almost 300 submissions! There's a great amount of talent (as well as humor) featured within this episode. It's an important part of SMBX history too, since it was when SMBX2 was revealed to the public! Naturally, you'll need SMBX2 to play the episode too. Yours truly was also a judge in the contest too... April 2018
Yoshi's Archipelago halibabica Yoshi’s Archipelago is a community collab game made in SMBX It was created under strict pretenses in an effort to make it one of the most solid Mario episodes imaginable. Whether it succeeded or not, well, that's up to you now, isn't it? May 2018
Super Mario Bros. 0 BrokenAce255 Super Mario Bros 0. is a prequel to the original Super Mario Bros. The princess has supposedly been kidnapped for the very first time, and it's up to Mario and Luigi to save her! Journey through an early Mushroom Kingdom with its strange brick-like ground and eyeless mushrooms in this comfy old-school style episode. June 2018
2k16 Hypnosis Redo Enjl, snoruntpyro In 2016, Enjl and snoruntpyro set out to remake 2k15 Halloween Hypnosis and brought Hypnosis Redo, a collection of colourful levels with original boss fights and two completely unique ways to play. Etc. July 2018
Super Mario and The Tower of Biased 7 Valtteri Celebrating its 4-year anniversary this month, ToB7 is one of the most ambitious Tower of Biased entries in the series, packed to the brim with the custom graphics, some of which were even hand-drawn from scratch! Did the levels of Community Contest 8 stand the test of time? Download Tower of Biased 7 and find out! August 2018
Airship Attack Bossedit8 The iconic episode by the iconic SMBX creator bossedit8! Having taken about two years to be made, Airship Attack continues to be one of the largest SMBX episodes there is to date, with a whopping 170 levels, guaranteeing you hours and hours of playtime and fun. September 2018
Mario Classic Zephyr The literal classic by zephyr that's packed to the brim with fun! October 2018
M&L's Deightful Adventure Darkonius Mavakar A big episode made by Darkonius; instant classic! Novemember 2018
Eternal November Eternal November Eternal November Eternal November

Note: No episodes were featured in 2015, 2016 or the first half of 2017
Episodes are no longer featured monthly as of December 2018.

Technical information

Recommended specs

  • OS : Windows 95, 98, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • Processor : 1.8 GHz
  • Memory : 512 (1024 for Windows Vista and Windows 7)
  • Graphics : 128 MB Videocard
  • Hardrive Space : 150 MB
  • Mouse and Keyboard Required
  • Gampads/Joysticks (Optional)

Version History

Version 1.3


  • Peach, Toad, and Link can now make use of the Leaf, Tanooki Suit, and Hammer Suit power-ups.
  • Toad can spin jump.
  • Link now moves a little bit quicker.


  • Quicksand
  • Attach Layers to NPCs
  • Fleet Glide Galaxy Music
  • Mushroom Gorge Music
  • SMW Desert Night Background
  • Block Fill Tool
  • NPC Text Preview
  • Custumizable NPCs
  • Screen Shot capturing (F12)
  • Slippery Blocks
  • Battle Mode
  • NPC generators can now be up to 60 second delay

New Items

  • Ice Flower
  • Bubbles
  • SMB2 Door Potion
  • Propeller Block
  • Flame Thrower
  • Dragon Coins
  •  ? Mushroom
  • Random Power-ups
  • Toad's Boomerang
  • Peach's Heart Bombs.

New Enemies

  • Roto-Disc
  • Firebar
  • Nipper
  • Mouser
  • Larry Koopa
  • Ludwig Koopa
  • Swooper
  • Hoopster
  • Volcano Lotus
  • SMW Lakitu (with the ability to choose what he throws)
  • SMW Spineys



  • The button icons for various items no longer use GBA palettes.
  • SMB2 Grass slopes have been fixed.
  • SMB3 Wood slopes have been fixed.
  • SMW Castle tiles have been fixed.
  • New SMB3 sizables have been added.
  • New SMW sizables have been added.
  • Graphics with the GBA version palette now use the SNES palette like the rest of the graphics in the game.
  • Various other graphical fixes.


  • Tanooki Mario is no longer missing a row of pixels on top.
  • Toad now uses the sprite from SMB2 for the SNES. (He has more spots on his hat.)

Main Game

  • New Princess Cliche has been added as a default episode.
  • One new battle stage has been added.
  • There's a new intro level.


  • All music now has increased quality.


  • All sounds now have increased quality.